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As Salaamu Alaikum – Peace be Upon You.

The purpose here is to present the authentic teachings of Islam. No specific version or unique interpretation of Islam is presented, but rather Islam is shown as it is without sugar coating it. There is only one Islam and only one example of how it is to be lived, which is through following what is laid out in the Qur’an, and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing from God be upon Him).

Despite the fact that over one fifth of the world’s population is Muslim, Islam is often misunderstood and misrepresented in the contemporary Western societies, some Muslims themselves do not help the situation by their actions.

It is hoped that by reading this you will gain an understanding of the true Islam. However, it must always be kept in mind that one can only understand true Islam by putting aside emotions and prejudices which often segregate us from reality. Just for a moment put aside any pre-conceived ideas and views, we ask you not to look at the media, or even Muslims, but understand Islam from the original fundamental teachings, and then make a decision.

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