Who is Allah

Allah is simply the word for God in Arabic, just as in French it is “Dieu” and “Gott” ┬áin German. Muslims prefer to use the Arabic Term Allah, as it has no plural or gender. This shows its exclusivity when copmared to the word “God” which can be made plural, i.e. “Gods” or feminine, “Goddess”.

Allah is not the name of a “Muslim God”, it is the same One God mentioned by Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be upon them all), and is the same God worshipped by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. It should also be noted that Allah is the term used by Arabic speaking Christians and Jews when referring to God.

The word Allah is also a reflection of the unique concept that Islam associates with God. To a Muslim, Allah is the Almighty, the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe, who is similar to none and nothing is comparable to Him. the Prophet Muhammad was asked by his contemporaries about Allah. The answer came directly from God Himself, in the form of a short chapter in the Qur’an that is considered the essence of the Unity of God or the motto of monotheism;

“Say: He is God, the One; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begets not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him.” (Al-Qur’an, Chapter 112: Verses 1-4)

Islam teaches that there is only God who is Eternal, and has no partners or associates whatsoever in His Divinity. Simply, He is One, in every sense.

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